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>> eric: that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. good night. ween!fe. ♪ welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld or as i am known in japan, julia roberts. let's go to andy levy for a pre game president are. >> welcome back, america. coming up, should a twitter user who saved tweets face criminal charges? or a twitter user not face criminal charges ? we will answer one of these questions straight ahead. and could you date someone who plans to vote for the other guy? some say yes, but i'm assuming some say no or we wouldn't be talking about it. and nine men arrested for betting on their kids pee wee football games. the shocking story that seems fine to me, but honestly it is in the back half of the show, so i didn't pay uh techs to it. pay attention to it.
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>> sorry about your cat. >> i would appreciate you not spreading false information or i may have the manhattan da look into it it. >> i thought because you were trapped in your apartment for three days and had nothing to eat. >> are you wrong. >> i have not seen pixel or stormy and you look fat. >> i deny everything you are saying. a, i don't look fat. how dare you? >> i see some extra whiskers on your face. >> b, i don't look fat, and how dare you? >> go away liar, denier. she is so sharp that ma machetes use her to cut through the jungle. i am here with ann coulter. her latest book is called mugged. it is about coffee maker juan valdez. and she funnier than a woopi cushion made of flesh. his book comes out this tuesday and i trust it is
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slightly above meed yolker. don't trust me. in russia he is considered a beanie baby. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and sitting next to me gavin mcguiness, writer for talking and street carnage. >> what are you doing? >> i have something in my eye, lint. >> let's go to the thing. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> by the way, it has been a rough week for everybody, and there is serious stuff going on. we will try to have a fun, light show. and gavin, you need to be on your best behavior. >> coming up, buddy. >> i don't trust you at all. you are a sad, sick man. i can deem everything -- i condemn everything he does before he does it which puts me in the clear. correct? >> yes. it is a get out of me free card. >> a get out of you card. do i want to get out of you? i don't know.
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>> come on in. >> it is the new jam for fans of bam and it has more hero worship as they repeat the words. a pride of celebrities as a group is known is releasing a music video for planned planned parenthood. the song is called "yes we plan." i don't get it. it was inspired by the 2008 video by will i am. i don't know if i am pronouncing it right. he is from a band called the black eyed peas which other people call crap. >> for you and for most americans, protecting americans' help is a mission that stands above politics. their mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. they are hats in this country. and they are capable of making their own choices about their health. we have to keep moving forward. we have more work to do. >> yes, we plan.
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>> you know who is blightfully unaware of the ad and the general election in general? these guys. >> our goat -- our economy is a goat in a wheel bear row. >> i saw that. >> or the goat is an economy in a wheel bear row. >> or the goat needs -- >> and both are going uphill. gavin, celebrities have a cultish devotion to obama. does this go too far or not far enough? >> i didn't understand that movie. were they saying it was a pro abortion thing?
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women have a right to choose and all of that? >> i don't get that whole thing. isn't the morning after pill the end of the abortion debate? >> perhaps. >> no, are you kidding me? >> what if this happened or what if there is an accident? well yes then you take the pill. >> christians hate the morning after pill because they consider it abortion. i hate the morning after pill because it is $60. >> that raises the question, what is abortion to a liberal? when is it not an abortion? >> i don't understand the ad because it says yes we plan. when by definition you did not plan if you need an abortion. >> exactly. i am a pro life catholic. i think tom might be too. my experience has been most males who are pro life catholics will give the morning after pill a pass and most females go, eh. that's pushing it. >> how about not having sex until one is married, gavin?
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>> how about the pill? there are a lot of things you can do before the morning after. >> that's what planned parenthood provides. >> oh they do not. >> they are planning on contraceptives. >> do you think that's what they are talking about? >> a percentage of what they do is abortion. >> and who does 9 thine% of the abortions? >> not planned parenthood. >> the most disturbing thing about that video was the wide collared shirts. they look like khalid shake -- sheik mohamed. >> this never comes up in talking about planned parenthood. who are these idiots? >> it is slippery out there. >> did you just -- i don't know what happened. what kind of mammal are you if you go -- what the --
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>> shear what bugs me about this. the weird thing. i thought artists were always supposed to rebel against power. when their person is in power, they are the fifth column. >> we are not really talking about art. we are talking about actors. am i wrong? >> clint eastwood is an artist. >> here is the thing about clint eastwood. >> and he was rebelling against authority. clint eastwood is an iconic individual who is speaking out against the tide. also, he doesn't really care. those people actually care. >> i have it on good authority that, a, he didn't know where he was. b, he actually thought someone was in the chair. >> you can make fun all you want. you are wrong. tom, what do you make of it? >> the sad thing about it is really what it is coming down to is the prepaid birth control issue. >> that's what they are all passionate about. when in fact it is a small amount of money, and it is an embarrassing thing to hang their hat on.
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doubts you remember -- don't you remember take back the night? they were trying to take back a whole night. >> it is like gay marriage all over again. >> three questions that they will never answer, blacks and latinos represent 25% of our population, but account for 60% of all abortion. they don't want to talk about the fact that abortion affects them the most. no one ever ask i had obama, what are your restrictions on abortion? does he look at drones as late term abortions? is that why he is okay with drones? what about genocide? the article where abortion is based on sex. sooner or later you have to deal with that. we are ahead of the game. when you control who you can abort, what will their story be then? >> isn't this what always happens with the left? they purport to be defending somebody when they end up killing them.
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if you are a liberal out there, please don't ever help me out. i don't want to die. >> the people in that video, i want -- you know how when your parents you have to explain to the kids what santa clause is. they will have to explain the video. it is the opposite of santa clause. what was that video? >> it is the thing that takes you away. >> it is a place where you go and you disappear. >> how do you explain it? when you explain, it is mommy's right to choose whether to abort you or not. >> right. >> i would have chose abortion every time. i hate my life. and secondly, if you hate abortion so much, this is an organization that provides more contra september tiffs to more people -- contra september tiffs to more people than anything else. >> it is about abortion. nobody cares about contraception. >> they provide more contraception than planned parent hood. >> are you acting like this is something that would be
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inexpensive to somebody who is poor. that is very, very -- -- >> women are not having trouble getting contraception. they are drowning in condoms. >> thanks to planned parenthood. >> not thanks to planned parenthood. >> and those who don't want the border to provide. >> they took it away and there would be lots of private money. >> in fact, all of the wealthy millionaires and celebrities could keep them going quite well without the government. >> we are happy -- please planned planned parenthood continue what you do. >> it is very cheap. >> from chanting to recan'ting, is being on-line a liar like being on fire? a twitter user who goes by comfortably, smug tweeted false info by -- during
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hurricane sandy. they said that the power was shutting down in the entire sti. sti -- city, the subways would be down all week. and now they asked the manhattan d.a.'s office look into filing charges. they compared it to yelling fire at a crowded movie theater. i never heard of that? he says he hopes the pursuit of charges would mache him feel less -- would make him feel less comfortable. he was outed as the campaign manager, and he apologized for his, quote, series of irresponsible and inaccurate tweets. gavin, should tweeting false information be illegal, and should he be punished with prison time or death? >> i get all of my news from twitter. if twitter is wrong, i should go to jail. i don't need to be looking up things. twitter is the boss. if twitter is wrong, then you oh me money, expru to go away.
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that's how it works. i don't have to do any work. you have to do it. >> we have to tape a 90-minute show when gavin is on for everything you edit out. >> you do me wrong, and it is your fault. i don't have to do anything. >> we'll take that out because you are offending the youth. >> tom, the guy apologized and he has resigned as campaign manager in the position he once held. is that enough? >> it is too much. i don't want people to apologize anymore. no apologizing. he says i need to apologize to america. no, you don't. there is like 14 people who read your dumb tweet. you don't even know them. we are satisfied with watching you be caught. >> it should be a screen grab of him like, oh i got nailed?
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>> that's why are you a commercial actor. >> give me a thing. give me an emotion. >> i am cautiously optimistic. >> how about this, you walked into a car dealership and you like what the dealer is saying, but you don't trust him. >> okay, here we go. >> wow. >> you just experienced an incredible, romantic event with your wife using a certain , i don't know, sexual device. >> ♪ ba, ba, ba that's what i do. i sing is a happy song. >> that was from the commercial you did. >> it was a commercial for
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k-y. >> that was a little more of this. >> that's your sex face. >> i couldn't think of the name of the product. that's why i kept saying device. >> that's because you don't need lube. >> listen, it is not lube. that's not just regular lube. it has a warming sensation for her and a wonderful feeling for him. >> anne, how do you -- let's get back to the story. >> it was my fault. i took it off track. >> how do you prove this guy meant to mislead people? it seems like that would be tough to do as gavin showed. >> i don't know. i do wonder what was he doing? was he doing it intentionally? >> when there is some kind of calamity people like to feel their importance. during hurricane katrina there
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were people talking about oh i was in new orleans once. i was just at the airport. everybody has to somehow put themselves in there even though there is far worse things happening to people at the time. >> they had a study in the new york times about whether twitterers were nare saw cystic. they were twittering every time they go to starbucks. they should be imprisoned or given the death penalty. >> atom shalou does that. >> he just wanted people to read his tweets. so he claimed to have inside information. or if he was just wrong. if you were just wrong why would you apologize. >> it is weird. >> it is a weird thing. i don't know if it is yelling fire in a theater. >> it is like a perfect storm, greg. greg and i love cliches. >> bill, the only reason you still have a job is nobody
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reads your tweets. you must sympathize with the guy. >> i don't read him anymore. here is why it is not like yelling it you don't put, all caps, fire. you are yelling with the caps. >> i am somewhere in between that and gavin in the sense that say are you in your house and somebody tweets something like, your block is soon to be devastated. you leave and leave your stuff and something happens and you get hit by a car. you should be able to sue, right? if somebody gives you false information? >> what is the source? we are in an era the new york times is tripping over themselves and the washington post is realizing everything was wrong. down from there when you get someone saying, the boats are alive and they are eating people. that's not true.
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>> as far as i was concerned it was true. >> that's true. the major news agencies are retweeting the onion and asking if it is true. >> if we can't rely on the top brass for salad information, you can't criticize twitter idiots and facebook. >> i just wanted to know if it was intentional. >> i don't care. >> twitter killed more be joes than president obama. >> what are these jobs it is killing? >> it killed a lot of pr. if somebody goes on twitter and does something stupid they lose their job. >> every celebrity has to have their brother-in-law do their tweets. think about all of the people who you used to hire to write for you, jk. >> i checked insta gram and twitter before i check other
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things. i saw my friends saying, here is our street. it is underwater. i would like to see with a nice 70s tint to it. >> is dubious your alter ego? >> we are going to have to tau . cep staw cal. >> by the way, i never yell -- i never yell fire in a crowded theater, but i always yell when they have a macho trailer and it goes black at the end i always say chick flick. it gets great laughs. >> during a fire i yell theater. anyway. >> that must have been done by somebody. >> it has been done a million times. i'm sure that was tweeted. >> where am i? i hear music. coming up, i don't even know where we are in the a block.
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what is the secret to -- i don't even know where i am every minute of this set. we are in a void. >> we are. do you want the secrets. ann coulter on why she drinks hobo blood every morning. >>- >> and is that a room knee tatoo on nothing
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is the country in a ditch because everything is niche?
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it rhymes so it must be true. a pbs anchor held an audience for news and said it is making our nation difficult to govern. jeffrey brown, if that's his real name, noted that a generation ago people mostly got their news from the big three tv networks, cbs, nbc and of course bravo. as he put. it one audience sharing a common experience. now americans can choose cable channels and websites that fit their view. that worries him. we now live in a world of niches. if we only connect with like minded people, how do we have other views? but is this world really so fragmented? if this group can get along together. >> i opened my door and, oh. mr. eagle keeps calling me. and then i have a fox.
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he is very quiet. and then i have the cat out here and the other cat. >> see what i mean? that doesn't look fragmented. it looked like togetherness. >> do you buy the theory that back then it was great. it was all great. we were all getting everything from the same spicket. >> yes i have heard it from the russians. >> read that quote in a russian accent. >> rears ago we got our news from only one place. we didn't have these choices that you westerners love so much. it was ridiculous. there was no good old days. now people have so many choices in where to get their information. there was no good old days because they were never objective. when you lost walter crone
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kite, we lost america. >> what he is saying is we are pissed off there is fox news and rush limbaugh and talk radio and there is stiff people can go and expose them for their biases of the 60s and the 70s and the 80s when they could actually cause a war to be lost because they reported biased information. >> it is masquerading as a hierarchy, but it is really a monarchy. >> these guys long for the days when there was only a few in control and they could manipulate the news. i love i can go anywhere. when you google any topic. you can choose which you like. he is talking that woo we live in this world of niches. look at what the woman's vote has done to bring the obama
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into power. we are not living in a world of niches. >> are you such a bad person. i disavow this young man to my left. >> they are running the show now. from the underdog to the boss. >> who let the roady from "smash mouth" on here. >> i didn't get it until i watched it on tv. >> the uh hock craw see here is it wouldn't be an issue if the left didn't paw lit tau size to begin with. >> it reminds me of thomas freedman. he said, can't we just be china for one day? >> they paw lit size everything. now i want the ball and i want to go home. >> and we will get down to fewer choices, but itent would be them. back when there were three networks he was the highest
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rated thing on television. and then he came back in a world with 14 choices. >> the only person who watched him was marlow thomas and she hated it. she said i see you at home and now i see you on tv. bill, have you been following politics for 40 years and learned nothing. >> i followed the dude with the t-shirt that said politics. never said a word. i learned nothing. >> everybody is going back to the big three, cbs, nbc, the other one. >> bravo. >> i am reminded of another three. the three musk ask you tears. what did they want? all for one, one for all. let's get back to that. >> i think we finally killed him. >> this was not a fair and
12:28 am
balanced panel and i think we might have killed him. >> i knew this was going to happen. that's what happens 6789 -- that's what happens. you can't go down to get the right stuff. you get the chief stuff. the cheap stuff. he is not waking up. do you have a comment on the show? it is red eye at fox doif you have video we will look at it. click on the video and we may use it. the report for andy levey and i wouldn't click on him for a million dollars. >> it is sponsored by halloween. thanks, halloween.
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let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. andy, try to keep it clean. >> i'll give it a shot. >> try to avoid the things we willed dit out. will edit out. that's 60% of the a block. >> i am done. back to you, greg. >> all right, coming up -- >> i did like, greg, how you started off by saying we will keep things light and then had a nice discussion about abortion. >> fair point. fair point, andy, but compared to what people have been going through, talking about pro life stuff is actually light. >> okay.
12:33 am
>> it is like, phew. i don't have to look outside at the devastation. they are talking about killing the unborn. >> i am going to provide a couple of facts as opposed to opinions here. >> i am head together bathroom. >> gavin, you asked if the morning after pill was the end of abortion. i guess not because it is not 100% effective. >> really though? condoms are only 99% effective and birth control doesn't work. we are hinging these entire debates on these very, very, very rare exceptions. i am tired of it. >> i don't think it is a rare exception. wow, i used to be on tv. there i am. i think the morning after pill is 75 to 80% effective. so not quite the same as a condom. >> worked for me. >> and it is not incorrect
12:34 am
that only 3% of what planned parenthood is provide abortions, but i also believe you are correct in saying it is number one abortion provider in the country jie. what is the percent here. if it is the number of things you do, it takes 30 seconds to pass out a pack of birth control pills. to get an abortion, that could be a two-hour procedure. most of their money comes from abortion. it is not 3% of the money they get. >> no, but we should point out none of the federal or as i like to call them taxpayer dollars they get by law, none of them can be used for abortion procedures. >> the question is what does planned parenthood do? abortions. it is not about mammograms and passing out birth control pills. they may pass out 50 million packs and perform one abortion a day. that comes down to 3% of what they do. the abortion is what makes their money and that's what they are famous for. it is not 3%. >> you are wrong. >> if you take abortion ought
12:35 am
way from planned paisht hood and are they still there? >> no. >> 35% is contra september tiff services and citer 5% is sexually transmitted disease services. not giving, but helping i'm assume. and 3% is abortion. >> in terms of -- >> are they there without government assistance? that's the better question. >> they are absolutely there. >> then let's stop assisting them. that's the question. >> i don't agree with abortion. i would just be happy not to have anything to do with planned parenthood. >> and i loved the movie juneau. >> can we talk about the actual video? >> they were talking. >> i did think it was -- the fact that president obama was saying women are not an interest group. that is like half his campaign.
12:36 am
>> good point. >> i am not interested in that group. >> how can a world of niches not be an interest group? >> i am just numb to all of these saw breb bra tee spots. although i did want to punch a few in the face. >> whereabout the rapper who raised $340 which wycliffe then blew on an in flight meal. >> i think you just slandered wycliffe. >> he can't even speak french. he is a fraud. >> have you seen the motorcycle pick picture? >> it makes him a world hero. >> wycliffe john is my write in candidate for president. >> not president. >> agree to disagree. tom, you said this guy didn't
12:37 am
need to apologize and only 14 people read his tweets. that's not true. this is why. the problem here isn't really him. he was a jerk who did jerky things. the problem is a bunch of serious journalists retweeted him checking to see if he was an accurate source. >> that's their fault. >> that's what i'm saying. why does shawshank need the redemption. >> i love this guy. joy you're an -- >> you're aned yet. >> you are made because he took your joke. >> you did take mine. jay although mine was worded better. >> pretend it they ever happened. >> no, it is fine. please. >> i think as tom proved, it is a stupid little joke. back to my point, i do think a
12:38 am
lot of this stuff is not journalists how dare you tweet bad info. it is how dare you trick me? >> we saw that with romney. they were fiewsh -- furious they were bamboozles. >> there are guys like this who spread false information. the good thing is the number of people who call out people like this those people, myself included, are the real heros. >> i missed that joke. did he do the shawshank thing. >> i wanted to make a come back. and it would be the shaw shank redemption. >> they didn't get it in. >> they got it in a classy way. >> and you promoted your twitter account. >> absolutely. i think this guy thought he
12:39 am
was being funny and clever by tweeting fake things. he would tweet something that what blatantly wrong and then gurn ad sh sh -- journalists would retweet him. to me that's trolling. >> and i wasn't listening to these guys, buts did we explain he was tweeting serious sounding tweets? i thought it was a gilbert god freed thing. people were making joke expiz said, forget it. these were serious tweets about the shutdown all power in manhattan. there was nothing funny about it. if he was doing it to screw people over he is a jerk. >> can i point something out. edward has been in jail do i have to call him con ed?
12:40 am
>> he is doing his -- he is working at the tool and dye. >> would you call him con anything? >> andy is very angry that you took his joke. >> i am pro ed. >> greg, you don't know if the idea was equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater. i don't think it is. as you eluded to, he didn't cause a panicky stampeed. nobody got hurt from these tweets. >> it is twitter. twitter. it is totally irrelevant. >> i don't have time to talk about the last story other than to say tom, i agree with you. whatever we were talking about. >> how come you don't have time? >> i was told i have to go. it was a fragment of society. who cares. bye. >> you have a hard out. >> yep. >> what a jerk.
12:41 am
coming up, me going home to work on my art project. i hope he likes it and doesn't call the police like last time. a mustache bet tied to the presidential race.
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12:44 am
an indiana man, there he is, recently auctioned off a at that tatooing auction space on his face. the winner was a republican and turned him into a mitt billboard or as i like to call him a mitt board. i love smooshing words. people don't do it enough. a pro wrestler got the face tat because he wants to send a message. quote, i want young people to know it is okay to be young and republican.
12:45 am
you don't have to be rich or elderly to be labeled at republican. a lot of people look at me and say i am a boogy man. i got a few h yous from em pooh. don't know what that stands for. >> lightning roooouuuuunnndd. lightning round. >> gavin, as a tatoo guy, do you ever consider something on your face? >> i have what on my inner lip? that's foregoes sip. they say he used to be a woman and you say -- inevitably people say did that hurt and they change the conversation. >> did that hurt? >> it killed. >> were you drunk? >> nope. >> were you something else? >> mass kiss stick. i would like to call bull feces on this tatoo. i think the person who paid for it got what they paid for. they got publicity and it is a
12:46 am
pro romney thing. he said that stupid diet tribe was fed to him. and his hair is that long thing on top that can be released down. he will keep that on his head for a few months, and then slowly let it leak away. no one will sue him. >> interesting point. >> he is selling his forehead next for $5,000. >> i have that on me. >> no, have you five grams. >> i think gavin is right. if i were to move my hair back you would see the life sized tatoo of bob dole i got. >> i said kemp. >> tom he is auctioning off the space in his forehead.
12:47 am
what should he put there? >> have i a website i would like to introduce this guy to. temporary romney/ryan it is very simple. gavin, the temporary is more grit. we get them and you rub them on and you wash them off at night. they are great. >> you know what anne coulter says is what is with the tattoo. haven't you always had a high iq? >> you had your faith tatood on your face. >> do you give your daughters temporary tatoos ? >> yes. >> have you ever heard of training wheels? they will be more inked up in the new york times and twice as wrong. >> because they are always going to know the value of being able to wash.
12:48 am
>> they are going to know what mother with a h on it will be spending time in jail. you are teaching them young. >> and they know why do it permanently when you can have a ferry on are yo shoulder. you wash it off. >> i like a tricycle. one day it will be a two wheeler. >> how can i make this more permanent? >> it is a harley. >> you only get tattoo to make your parents mad. if you have temporary, have some finance. >> there is nothing more fun than a single person lecturing parents on how to raise their children p. >> let them date who ever they want. listen to me, single dude. i don't like the sunscreen malarkey either.
12:49 am
>> do you think anybody has a tatoo of tatoo from "fantasy island"? >> yes, many, many times. >> what about the "russian band ." >> they make out with each other. but it is fake. we have to take a break. more stuff is on the way.
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next topic, the senior obama campaign advisor is going to shave off his mustache he has had for 40 years if he loses on election day. how do you lose that things? they are on a map. obama expected to win the states easily, but he may just have a slim lead. what do you protect -- project and will romney win any of the states? >> please not the muss stash. i like that he doesn't give a darn about whether he shaves his muss stash. jay you know why he is shaving it some pelosi says it tickles.
12:54 am
>> tom, what do you make of this? does this guy just want an excuse to shave? >> because he was making out with spa low see? with pelosi. >> i don't want to fall with a joke. >> i am glad he picked something with high stakes. i have worked tirelessly to get him elected. if he loses those states. i will shave my face. >> what else does he do, have a cheese burger? >> what is the counter suit? somebody else will shave. >> maybe they will grow a muss stash. >> he was wearing an izod under a sweater with the collar coming up. >> i thought that was a good
12:55 am
back. >> sometimes i put it out there because i am too lazy. >> i think that -- david axel rod, michelle obama and valerie jarret, they all work together at the same hospital. the fact that they are all running the white house is 100% a coincidence. if that is unproven i will quit. >> he was the fourth one at the hospital and they were patient dumping. minority pay shents would try to come in and thisy would be cents to the university of chicago where they would die and not have their gunshot wound. jay four -- >> four aristocrats are running and dumping minorities because they think they are not good for business.
12:56 am
they same four people are in the white house and under the impression whoa care about their body hair. >> bill, you wrote a book on that. >> yes. >> can you dispute it? >> well, when they are done,. >> it has are you kidding with lots of question marks? it is what the h is up with america, kkkkk. >> we will close things up with a post game wrap up.
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time to go back to tv's andy levy. it is the post game wrap up. >> thanks. anne, what are you doing this weekend? >> oh you people are such a pain in the neck.

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